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Pins & Punches
We now product a comprehensive range of knockout pins,ejector pins, piercing punches, which are manufactured from top quality high speed steel and hardened to the required specification.

We offer the full range of piercing punches to DIN 9861 shape 'D' and various other pins with differing head configurations to our customers requirements.


 Tungsten carbide

Cut off knives
Cut off Dies
Pre-form punches
Forming punches etc.


 High Speed Steel
Wafers - Square, Hexagon etc.
Struck slot punches
Trimming dies etc.


Press tools
Small press tools
High Speed steel dies and sleeves
Piercing punches etc.


For the Canning Industry 
Tungsten carbide nozzles
High speed steel needles
Tungsten carbide extrusion dies



Tungsten carbide tool refurbishment
Spark erosion
Centreless grinding